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Lake Arlington SWD Application FAQs

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Q: Wouldn’t this disposal well be a threat to Lake Arlington?

A: The site and design of the proposed well have been extensively reviewed by the Texas Railroad Commission, which has concluded that it satisfies extensive technical criteria that are designed to ensure that such wells will not cause any adverse effects to the environment.  Additionally, the Railroad Commission imposes a number of monitoring, reporting, and testing requirements on disposal wells after they are drilled, including:  (1) a requirement that injection pressures and rates be monitored and reported; (2) a requirement that any significant changes in pressure be reported within 24 hours; and (3) a requirement that the mechanical integrity of each critical component of the well be evaluated by pressure testing at least once every five years, if not more frequently.  16 Tex. Admin. Code §3.9 (11) and (12).

Q: But aren’t these disposal wells inherently unsafe?

A: Actually, most people are unaware that there are currently eight disposal wells – including one operated by BlueStone Natural Resources – operating within Ft. Worth city limits, and all are currently in good standing with the Railroad Commission. 

Q: But don’t these wells cause earthquakes?

A: There have been recent studies that suggest such wells could be a contributing factor to an increase in earthquakes if they are located near regional fault complexes. However , in selecting the location for this well, BlueStone conducted extensive geological and seismic research to ensure that the proposed well site is not located on or near any fault lines.

Q: Why are we supposed to believe that BlueStone is a safe operator?

A: BlueStone Natural Resources operates more than 1,000 wells in the Ft. Worth Basin, including just over 300 in the Ft. Worth area. We have an excellent safety record with the Texas Railroad Commission, which has regulatory oversight over oil and gas operations within the state of Texas. 

Q: Why do you need this disposal well in the first place?

A: Currently, BlueStone transports 70 truckloads of wastewater a day across Ft. Worth roads and highways. Approval of this new disposal well would allow us to operate more efficiently and eliminate the need for those truck trips, thereby reducing traffic. The well would also allow for swifter disposal of the wastewater.

Q: This standoff could result in the first-ever application of HB 40, in which local regulations and ordinances and decisions are over-ridden by the state of Texas. What’s your position on that?

A: BlueStone operates more than 1,000 wells in the Ft. Worth Basin, and more than 300 in the Fort Worth area. We are committed to fostering and maintaining good relationships with all local governments and stakeholders in areas where we operate, and we are working diligently with the cities of Fort Worth and Arlington in an attempt to reach a solution agreeable to all parties on this matter.

Q: Why wouldn’t this well pose a contamination risk to Lake Arlington, and local water supplies?

A: The well would actually be located more than 9,000 feet, or nearly two miles, from the Lake Arlington dam, in an area that is already home to other oil and gas operations. In addition, the proposed site was selected because it satisfied the rigorous technical requirements that the Texas Railroad Commission demands to ensure that any such project would not have any adverse effects on the environment. Perhaps most important, the well would inject more than 5,800 feet below the local water table, and most of the area in between is filled with non-porous rock – meaning a natural buffer would exist between the formation into which the well would inject and the water table. The part of the wellbore that would pass through the water table would be protected by multiple layers of steel casing and cement.

Q: But how can you guarantee the well would be operated safely?

A: First, we would employ a state-of-the-art monitoring system for operation of this well – as we do on all our other wells – that provides accurate, minute-by-minute readouts on the well’s operations. Second, we have committed to using the highest-quality materials in constructing the well, and, third, the well will be regularly  inspected by all relevant government entities.

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