Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Royalty Checks

They are mailed on the 25th unless this day is a holiday or weekend; then they will be mailed on the first business day after the holiday or weekend. Our minimum check issuance amount is $100.00.

Please wait ten business days to give the mail ample time for delivery before contacting BlueStone. Our minimum check amount is $100.00. If, due to fluctuation in volumes and/or prices your accrued amount is less than $100.00, there will be no check issued that month. Smaller revenue amounts that fail to meet the minimum are accumulated month to month until they meet the minimum, at which time you will receive a check. Smaller revenue amounts that have accumulated to more than $5.00 per owner are paid at least once annually, in October. Other reasons for not receiving a check include that your interest may have been placed in suspense due to bad address, transfer of interest, or title dispute.

Checks over 6 months old are deemed as stale and cannot be cashed. Please contact Owner Relations at 918-392-9295 or email to have your check reissued.

Yes, please refer to the Direct Deposit Enrollment page for further information.

Please refer to our Update Owner Account Information page for instructions.

The 1099 Miscellaneous Tax forms will be mailed out by January 31. If you do not receive a 1099 in the mail 15 business days after January 31, please contact Owner Relations at 918-392-9295 or email

Generally, state severance taxes (aka production taxes) are deducted. Further, if you do not provide us your Social Security Number, we may withhold federal income tax as required by the Internal Revenue Service. If you’re a non-resident alien, we may deduct federal income tax from your check.

Questions about Other Topics

BlueStone does not provide any type of valuation or opinion of your interest. Please contact a certified petroleum engineer, a royalty management company or broker to obtain the valuation.

A division order is a document confirming ownership information in a particular property/unit and authorizing distribution of funds according to that information. The division order does not represent a sale of your property or any changes to your lease. When you sign and return the division order, you confirm that you agree with the information disclosed in the document.

All heirship and conveyance documents must be filed of record with the parish or county where the property is located. Contact the applicable County Clerk’s office for filing instructions.